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Green light for Burdekin project to keep soil on land

Work has started on a project to tackle erosion, boost grazing productivity and improve Reef water quality in the Burdekin. The groundbreaking Landholders Driving Change project is combining graziers’ knowledge with the latest scientific research to achieve more sustainable long-term land management in the Bowen and Collinsville area. For the next … Continue Reading ››

Grazier ideas forming basis of Landholders Driving Change action plan

A member of NQ Dry Tropics’ Landholders Driving Change project team has described how graziers’ ideas are being developed into a program of actions to tackle gully erosion and improve land management practices.

Jane Waterhouse, a water quality scientist at James Cook University,  is working alongside graziers, other scientists and … Continue Reading ››

Bob Harris – Landholders Driving Change

Demonstration sites key to project success says Bowen grazier Grazier Bob Harris is working alongside other graziers, scientists and technical specialists to design land and water quality improvement solutions as part of NQ Dry Tropics’ Landholders Driving Change project, funded by the Queensland Government. For more details about the Landholders Driving Change project  visit Continue Reading ››

“Unlikely bedfellows” working together

“Unlikely bedfellows” working together to improve land condition Fifth-generation grazier Bristow Hughes believes that bringing graziers, scientists and technical experts around the table to design gully erosion solutions and improve water quality is already yielding positive results. “For me, the best thing about the Landholders Driving Change project is that we are a … Continue Reading ››

Ground cover key to project success

The Queensland Government-funded Landholders Driving Change project  supports graziers in the Collinsville/Bowen area to improve land condition and productivity, and repair erosion which affects water quality. Unlike traditional government funding programs, this is the first time that graziers have being formally engaged to help design land and water quality improvement solutions. Tom Murphy is one of four graziers on … Continue Reading ››