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Benefits of automated irrigation flows for farmers and the reef

ALMOST 30 Burdekin district cane farmers explored the benefits of automating their irrigation schedule at a workshop conducted by NQ Dry Tropics on Russell Jordan’s Upper Haughton River farm recently. At the workshop, NQ Dry Tropics Project Officer Lisa Pulman demonstrated the benefits of automated irrigation to cane farmers participating in her … Continue Reading ››

Early project results show cane growers improving Reef water quality and boosting profits

A project supporting Burdekin cane growers to reduce fertiliser use without affecting yield has so far prevented 116 tonnes of dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) from entering waterways and impacting the Great Barrier Reef.

A high level of DIN in water has been linked to outbreaks of crown of thorns starfish on the Reef, and … Continue Reading ››

Reef Tender fast-tracks improvements

Progressive Home Hill canefarmer uses Reef Tender to fast-track improvements
While second-generation Home Hill canefarmer Mark Vass has strategically reduced the nitrogen application on his 110 hectare farm since taking over its management in 2013, a recent grant has enabled him to fast-track his reduction and other on-farm improvements; enhancing environmental outcomes while mitigating the financial … Continue Reading ››

Forward-thinking approaches

Forward-thinking approach leverages on-farm efficiency
The improvements Burdekin Delta canefarmer Mark Castelanelli is making to the family’s 400-plus hectare farm in the name of increasing productivity are as constant as they are varied. By drawing on the knowledge and science available and using grants to add further weight to his on-farm investments, the second-generation … Continue Reading ››