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Round three of Reef Trust Tender

Round three of Reef Trust Tender funding package to support cane farmers and the Great Barrier Reef. Burdekin and Wet Tropics sugarcane farmers can bid for funding of up to $500,000 to improve the efficiency of their nitrogen fertiliser use and reduce nitrogen runoff leaving their farms and entering the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon. The Australian Government … Continue Reading ››

Graziers use spatial data to improve production outcomes

As the beef industry comes under increased external scrutiny from customers and regulators to demonstrate environmental compliance, graziers in North Queensland are responding, using spatial information to improve on-farm production outcomes and environmental benefits.

Forty-six graziers from 39 properties across the region have taken part in “Working On The Business” workshops held in Charters … Continue Reading ››

Low Stress Stockhandling course

Low stress stockhandling holds key to northern beef profitability Sustainability is not a destination - it’s a continuous journey being carried out by each generation of graziers responsible for raising and supplying beef across the world. That’s why Australia’s sustainable beef industry needs to balance efficient production with environmental, social and economic impacts. … Continue Reading ››

Soil health key to improving grazing productivity

Landholders will have the chance to learn how improving soil health can benefit their bottom line at  NQ Dry Tropics’ upcoming Healthy Soils Healthy Profits field day near Bowen on Wednesday 11 October.

NQ Dry Tropics project officer Sharon Cunial said the event, at Salisbury Plains 30km north of Bowen, aims to get landholders thinking … Continue Reading ››

Positive practice change helps Reef

Determined to embrace positive management practice change, Kale and Karin Robinson, of Hillsborough Station, are working to improve pasture on their Ravenswood grazing property to achieve a sustainable and profitable enterprise. Since taking over the property two years ago, the Robinson’s are improving pasture by using grass budgeting to match stocking rates to available forage, spelling … Continue Reading ››