Rocks were placed to prevent vehicle access.

Big rocks protect beach scrub

Beach scrub is a threatened ecological community growing on ancient sand dunes along the North Queensland coast.

Last week, rocks weighing more than 650 tonnes, and spanning a total length of 1.3 kilometres, were installed on five locations along Kings Beach Road, Bowen, to prevent four wheel drive vehicles from causing irreparable damage to beach scrub, mangroves and saltpans.

This work was delivered as part of the Protecting Beach Scrub Communities project, funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

An additional one kilometre of fencing will soon be installed to further prevent access to these fragile locations. A big thanks to Whitsunday Regional Council and Hillery Group for their efforts on this initiative, and the Queensland Department of Resources, which owns the land on which the work took place.

Hillery Group supplied and placed the rocks.

Remnant of a burnt out vehicle dumped on the saltpans.

Kings Beach, Bowen will be protected from the damage caused by 4WD vehicles.

Protecting Beach Scrub Communities Project Officer Jaymie Rains oversaw the work.