Telling the NRM Story

Sustainable Agriculture


  1. Adaptive Management
  2. Saving our Soils


  1. Glenalpine trial – Stock impact effectively treats gully erosion
  2. Mt Pleasant with Jamie Gordon
  3. Rob Ahern
  4. Scott Harness


  1. Glenalpine with Barry and Leanne O’Sullivan
  2. Sonoma with Shane and Amanda Watts
  3. Tabletop with Tom and Karen Murphy
  4. Dreghorn with Kirk and Eiren Smith
  5. Mt Coolon with Denton and Goscelyn Sullivan
  6. Melton with David and Rebecca Comiskey
  7. Mt Aberdeen with Steve and Del Norman
  8. Leichhardt Creek with Jim and Tracey Rollinson
  9. Camel Creek with Keith and Alma Atkinson
  10. Low Holm with with Russ and Julia Broad
  11. Illamahta with John and Kate Ashton
  12. Niall with Dan Lyons
  13. Terang with Jason and Megan Philp
  14. Worona with Chris and Theresa LeFeuvre
  15. The Bluff with Ross and Mardi Webb
  16. Terry Creek with Bill and Linda Pepper
  17. Speculation with Ron, Jeneve and Kim Barnicoat


  1. John Delle Baite
  2. Ross Pirrone
  3. Robert Stockham
  4. Adrian Murphy
  5. Andrew Conway
  6. Aaron and Malcolm Kelly
  7. Willy Lucas
  8. Paul Roncato
  9. Mark Castelanelli
  10. Joseph Magatelli
  11. Jeffery Marson
  12. Paul Hatch
  13. Gavin Jones
  14. Chris Lyne
  15. Frank Mugica
  16. Chris Hesp
  17. Aaron Linton
  18. Ryan Jones
  19. Charlie Cacciola
  20. David Paine
  21. Mark Hatch
  22. Brian Strathdee
  23. Joe Tama
  24. Paul Villis


  1. Alan Hickmott
  2. Brad Rosten
  3. John Mauro


  1. Royce Staier
  2. Connell Walker


  1. Women in Sugar
  2. Women in Grazing

Waterways, Wetlands & Coasts

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Strategy & Partnerships

TOMGCaseStudyv2-1 TOMGCaseStudy_June2016 WoodyWeedsCaseStudyJune2016
Community Network Areas 2015 Traditional Owners providing
strategic direction for managing
land and sea country
Elders teach junior rangers how
to safeguard the gangu
Arming the community with
knowledge to tackle woody weeds