This event was postponed because of COVID restrictions introduced following an outbreak in Brisbane. It will be held later in the year at a date to be confirmed.

Grazing Science Forum to discuss future direction of regional water quality projects

NQ Dry Tropics is hosting a Grazing Regional Integrated Science Forum to bring together local grazing extension officers, government and science representatives to discuss the implementation of the Paddock to Reef (P2R) Integrated Monitoring, Modelling and Reporting Program (Paddock to Reef program) in the Burdekin region.

The forum is an opportunity for industry representatives to hear about the latest evidence that shows links between land management activities, water quality and reef health, and to discuss the future direction of regional water quality projects.

NQ Dry Tropics Sustainable Agriculture Program Manager Rob Hunt.

NQ Dry Tropics Program Manager for Sustainable Agriculture Rob Hunt said a range of organisations were working with Burdekin graziers to implement practice changes to improve farm production and profitability, and contribute to the reef water quality targets.

“The latest Reef Water Quality Report Card reports on 2019 data, and shows that, despite large parts of the Burdekin region remaining drought declared which impacted ground cover, more than a quarter of a million hectares of improved pasture and gully management was achieved,” Mr Hunt said. 

“This outstanding effort was possible through the implementation of the Queensland Government’s Extension Support Program, the Queensland Government’s Major Integrated Project – Landholders Driving Change, and the Australian Government’s Reef Reef Alliance: Growing A Great Barrier Reef project,” he said.

In 2019 about 980 graziers were managing 14.2 million hectares and approximately 354,000 kilometres of streambanks in the Burdekin region.

As at June 2019, more than 39 million hectares were being managed using best-practice systems relating to gullies, more than 5 million hectares relating to pasture management, and more than 256,000 kilometres of waterways relating to streambank management. 

“While there is always room for improvement, this is a positive outcome, and graziers are demonstrating that more efficient practices and improved water quality are complementary,” Mr Hunt said.

The Paddock to Reef program provides the framework for evaluating and reporting progress towards the Reef 2050 water quality targets through the Reef Water Quality Report Card. The program is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments.

The forum will be held at the Dalrymple Trade Training Centre in Charters Towers on Thursday, 1 April , 8.30am-4pm. To book your spot, contact NQ Dry Tropics Paddock to Reef Project Officer Jade Fraser by email