PatchKey Rangeland Monitoring

Reef_Rescue_Merged_PhotographsThe PatchKey methodology has been developed by CSIRO as a rangeland biophysical monitoring tool. Prior funding has been utilised to adapt existing software to NQ Dry Tropics requirements, purchase equipment, train field staff and initial data collection.

Ongoing project work focuses on collecting data biannually for a selected sample of sites stratified on a land type and management action basis. Analysis of this data allows identification of the most successful combination of variables for improving resource condition. This approach makes the best use of limited resources to:

  • Implement an ongoing biophysical monitoring program for Burdekin rangelands
  • Up skilling field staff in rangeland monitoring methodology
  • Providing funding/government bodies with evidence of resource condition


  • To collect and analyse robust, scientific data over time from selected project sites;
  • To provide ongoing technical support to Grazing Field Officers;
  • To capitalise on prior investment in personnel training and equipment;
  • To align outcomes with NRM and WQIP Plan targets.

PatchKey is used to provide baseline data for historical projects and Bluegrass land condition assessment. End of dry season data is collected annually on 20 properties (51 sites) in varying land and soil types across the region.