Stomping out Sediment in the Burdekin

Funded through Australian Government Reef Trust Phase IV investment to help deliver the Reef 2050 Long Term Sustainability Plan, NQ Dry Tropics is  working with up to 10 grazing properties in targeted Burdekin catchments over five years, starting in July 2017 and ending in July 2022. The project is for the long-term protection and conservation of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Stomping out Sediment in the Burdekin project encourages grazier participation in implementation of gully management strategies to reduce sediment movement from properties. The project will test and demonstrate the application of grazing treatments and elements of the Gully and Streambank Toolbox in the management of pervasive erosive processes, for curtailing early gully development and for remediation of small to medium size active gullies accessible to cattle for example remediating the gullies that graziers often say they should do something about but don’t and gullies in the early stages of development (later becoming the gullies which are too large to remediate without costly interventions).

The project will adopt a staged approach to implementation across the life of the project, commencing with five initial co-operators, who will increase their levels of gully remediation activity through planned implementation of works, while engaging up to an additional five co-operators to undertake project activities.

The objectives of the project are to implement an innovative and practical gully management approach, using on property livestock, to:

  1. Remediate gullies on productive soils across the co-operating properties
  2. Test/develop suitable techniques for use on a wider range of soil types (such as dispersive/sodic) and gully structures
  3. Encourage spatially connected properties to adopt successful techniques
  4. Monitor, document and communicate successful implementation of the approach for broader adoption in other projects and across the Burdekin
  5. Provide training opportunities for graziers to better understand practical and cost effective methodologies to remediate gully systems.

The initial project cooperators are the Hughes family, Strathalbyn Station, Collinsville, the Murphy family, Tabletop Station, Collinsville and the Pepper family, Terry Creek Station, Bowen.