A series of “how to” videos and a manual guide landholders through rapid assessment of their soil health.

NQ Dry Tropics launches toolbox to help farmers assess soil health

NQ Dry Tropics has developed an online toolbox to help landholders assess the condition of soil on different land types across their properties.

The toolbox consists of a Rapid Assessment of Soil Health (RASH) Manual, written by well known agricultural ecologist David Hardwick, of Soil Land Food, and six ‘how to test soil’ videos designed to complement the RASH Manual.

The toolbox supports soil health training that NQ Dry Tropics runs across its region.

The ‘how to videos’ provides a step by step guide on how to carry out soil tests.  The series includes an introduction to the RASH approach to soil health, assessing ground cover, assessing water infiltration, soil texture, soil aggregate testing, soil organism testing and soil pH testing.

The toolbox resource has been funded by NQ Dry Tropics Sustainable Agriculture programs and Landholders Driving Change project.  The videos can be found here.