Weed workshop spreads the word about invasive species

Over forty participants attended NQ Dry Tropics’ Weed Identification Workshop, aimed at increasing local knowledge about regional priority weeds in the Townsville area.

The event, held on the banks of the Ross River at Apex Park, Rasmussen, was supported through funding from the Queensland Government. It featured presentations from local, regional and state weed experts, who shared knowledge about how to identify problem weeds, and about effective control techniques that can help to stop them spreading.

NQ Dry Tropics Project Officer Byron Kearns, who gave a presentation at the event, said that weeds such as Limnocharis flava, Siam weed and Miconia were turning up in new areas all the time.


“We know these weeds are a major problem in other countries so it’s our job to assist the community in the 24/7 fight to stop these weeds becoming a problem”

Kim Badcock and Lauren O’Bryan from Biosecurity Queensland gave informative presentations on the day, which included a display of live weed specimens.

NQ Dry Tropics was delighted to see 10 members of the local Green Army at the event. Green Army team leader James Stuart said that the workshop had been well presented and very informative:

“If we come across any priority weeds on our projects now we know what to do. We are also encouraging everyone to know their weeds and report new detections of unknown weeds to NQ Dry Tropics, Biosecurity Queensland or Local Council “, he said.

NQ Dry Tropics plans to hold another workshop in September. For more information please contact Byron Kearns at Byron.Kearns@nqdrytropics.com.au