Grazing industry women share knowledge and experiences on unique bus tour

Thirty-three female graziers, representing 28 grazing enterprises, attended NQ Dry Tropics’ Women In Grazing Bus Tour, held on Wednesday 24 June 2015. At the unique event, leading female graziers shared their knowledge and experience as they spoke about ways to restore land and improve production, while reducing the impacts of agriculture on the Great Barrier Reef.

The event was supported through funding from the industry-led, Queensland Government-funded Grazing BMP (Best Management Practice) project, and the Australian Government Reef Programme that  provides the financial assistance to help graziers implement changes that improve management practices and productivity, while also reducing agricultural runoff into the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

The event was designed to empower women in the industry by exposing them to innovative management practices and ideas, and offering them a chance to come together to learn, share experiences and develop friendships.

The graziers, some of whom travelled from as far as Torrens Creek and Mt Surprise, were joined by journalists as well as representatives from the Queensland Government, as they traveled to four grazing properties in the Bowen, Broken, Bogie basin, (between Collinsville and Bowen),concluding with a dinner in Ayr.

Here are a selection of quotes from attendees:

  • “Just a fantastic day – hopefully the start of many more across Australia,” (Bowen grazier Bea Yensch, Woodlands Station).
  • “All of the presentations and information sessions were engaging and thoroughly enjoyable; the presentations covered a good cross section of the industry,” (Michelle O’Regan, Stackelroth Station).
  • “The presenters were passionate, knowledgeable, informative and inspiring – the day has provided me with a new box of tools,” (Sharon Yensch, Woodlands Station).
  • “All of it, it was so well organised and informative, while still being entertaining and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  The knowledge and information is out there and these women are happy to help and share their knowledge,” (Barb Colls, Legasea Station).
  • “It is very motivating, an amazing trip, I have loved every moment of it – very inspiring,” (Sheree Heatley, Rangemore Station).

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