NQ Dry Tropics is the leading natural resource management body for the Burdekin Dry Tropics region. We’re a not-for-profit company that is committed to sustaining our region’s resources for current and future generations.

Natural resources include all the natural elements of land and water such as our native species, rivers, oceans, beaches and bushland, right through to the dirt in our paddocks, the gardens where we live, work and recreate, and so much more.

The prosperity of our society comes directly from well managed natural resources. We rely on natural resources in agriculture, horticulture, tourism, construction, mining and the education industries just to name a few.

Modern society consumes, uses and impacts on our natural resources at an ever increasing rate. Without careful and long-term focused management, future generations may go without.

NQ Dry Tropics achieves results by bringing together the aspirations and working with communities, primary industry and government to identify clear priorities for land and water management in our region.

You could call us the “honest broker” of knowledge, expertise and evidence-based science.