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World Wetland Day
Laura Dunstan and Scott Fry from our Waterways, Wetlands and Coasts team are members of the Lower Burdekin Wetland Steering Committee, which produced this great short film about the Papale family in the Lower Burdekin. The Papales turned an unproductive area of their cane farm into a thriving wetland, and they believe that farming systems and the environment can live hand in hand. The film was funded by the Queensland Wetlands Program and produced in conjunction with Dr Ian McLeod, Senior Research Scientist at TropWater, James Cook University.
Market fluctuations and the ongoing Big Dry are two major challenges faced by North Queensland graziers, and nearly 100 of them attended NQ Dry Tropics’ Resilience In Grazing Open Day to look at ways to deal with these issues. The event, held on Tuesday 5 April, featured graziers discussing land management techniques to improve productivity, while reducing the impacts of sediment erosion on the Great Barrier Reef. Graziers Tom and Karen Murphy hosted the event at their 19,000ha Tabletop Station, near Collinsville.HolisticManagementTabletopPosteventApril2016_672x300_2
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