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Regional NRM Plan 2015
 Managing Your Soil Tour

Burdekin growers get down and dirty to learn about soil health

Twenty-two growers visited four Burdekin farms on 17 July 2015 at NQ Dry Tropics’ Managing Your Soil Field Tour. The field tour was delivered by NQ Dry Tropics through the Queensland Government-funded Sustainable Soils for the Burdekin project, the Australian Government Reef Programme and the NQ Dry Tropics Sugarcane Innovation Program. Soil expert Dr Pat Hulme was on hand to teach the growers about soil types and provide practical advice on managing soil, water and salinity….

NQ Dry Tropics is updating the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Plan for the Burdekin Dry Tropics region.

The current NRM plan, released in 2005, highlighted the community’s priorities, and helped to secure funding for on-ground environmental projects carried out by our farmers, graziers, other individual landowners and community groups. We are updating this plan to capture what people value about the region and the issues they feel need most attention. Here’s a video explaining why our natural resources are so important.

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Companion Planting

If you are considering a herb or vegetable garden, then consider companion planting as part of your project. ‘Companions’ are planted close together in the garden because they help each other out. This help may be in the form of pest control, pollination, improving growth and flavour, crop productivity and attracting beneficial insects. Companion planting also increases the biodiversity of your garden. Download our Healthy Habitats Guide on Companion PlantingRead More...
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Women in Grazing
Telling the NRM Story
Women in Grazing

Four of our Women in Grazing share their stories – Del Norman, Kellie Dobe, Leanne O’Sullivan and Kylie Stretton…Read More...
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