We are proud to present the Rapid Assessment of Soil Health (RASH) manual. It was developed in partnership with agroecologist David Hardwick, of Soil, Land, Food, and is specifically targeted at landholders in North Queensland. It demonstrates how to quickly assess some key aspects of soil and land to determine if the soil is healthy, or has constraints.
Monitoring the condition of land and soil can help landholders:
• make decisions for better paddock management; 
• identify major constraints to achieving healthy and productive land; and 
• track whether current management practices are maintaining, improving or degrading the soil. 
An introduction to using this manual, assessing soil texture and the five soil health tests is available as short videos.
  1. The RASH Approach – Introduction
  2. Assessing Soil Texture
  3. Assessing Ground Cover
  4. Assess Water Infiltration
  5. Soil Aggregate Testing
  6. Assessing soil organism diversity
  7. Assessing soil pH