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Senior Management Team

Scott Crawford
Chief Executive Officer
Brett King
Implementation Manager
Donna Turner
NRM Strategy and Partnerships Manager
Matt Lindsay
Corporate Services Manager

Corporate Services

Lisa McCulloch
HR and WHS Manager
Renata Ledo
Contracts Administration Officer
Kirsty Passfield
Administration Officer – Executive Support
Gavin Rossetti
GIS Officer
Pam Pemberton
Information Manager
Tanya Magor
Program Support Officer
Clare Baldwin
Finance Officer
Kate Fleming
Payroll, Accounts and Administration Officer

NRM Strategy and Partnerships

Jules Funnell
MERI and Planning Coordinator
David Wosner
Communications Manager
Marc McConnell
MERI Officer
Nadine O’Neill
Senior Communications Officer
Peter Arthofer
Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator
Ted Bragg
Senior Communications Officer
Karen Vidler
Partnerships Coordinator

NRM Implementation

Sustainable Agriculture

Rob Hunt
Program Manager
Linda Anderson
Support Officer (Grazing)
Jade Fraser
Project Officer

Sugar cane

Michael Hobbs
Project Officer
Sarah-Jane Willis
Project Officer


Josh Nicholls

Grazing Team Leader

Carleigh Drew

Senior Projects Officer
Bernie Claussen
Soil Conservation Officer
Ashleigh Kilgannon
Grazing Field Officer
Joe O’Reagain
Senior Grazing Field Officer
Brad Martin
Graduate Grazing Extension Officer
Chris Poole
Senior Grazing Field Officer
Angus Hogg
Grazing Field Officer

Landholders Driving Change

Neil Cupples
Grazing Team Leader
Daniel Hazelman
Landscape Remediation Officer (Townsville)
Sheridan Callcott
Senior Grazing Support Officer (Bowen)
Tristan Gibson
Grazing Field Officer (Bowen)

Living Landscapes

Jennifer (JJ) Walker
Program Manager

Waterways, Wetlands and Coasts

Scott Fry
Team Leader
Shakira Todd
Senior Project Officer
Brad Holt
Senior Project Officer
Olivia Penman
Senior Project Officer

Protecting Biodiversity

Thijs Krugers
Team Leader
Jaymie Rains
Senior Project Officer
Brittany Butler
Project Officer
Caralea Hensler
Project Officer

Civil Works

Peter Gibson
Civil Works Project Manager