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Local cane farmer improves natural areas

Giru cane farmer John Cernusco is partnering with NQ Dry Tropics to plant native vegetation along a lagoon on his property to reduce weeds and restore habitat.NQ Dry Tropics project officer Thijs Krugers is working with Mr Cernusco to plant native vegetation along a 500m stretch of creek bank to curtail weed growth and improve habitat. Lower Burdekin Landcare and Gudjuda Reference Group have joined forces to help with the planting.

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The Smith family (Kirk & Bronwin, son Eiren and his wife Tegan) operates Dreghorn Station 50km south of Charters Towers. You only have to spend a little time with them to appreciate the connection they have with their land and their strong commitment to responsible land stewardship.They have installed a range of measures to control gully erosion, such as leaky dams, diversion banks and strategically-positioned road drains. They stock conservatively to prevent over grazing and rest their land to promote pasture recovery. Over the last 25 years, they have fenced the full riparian area of the Burdekin River.

NQ Dry Tropics has supported some of this work through funding from the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy Reef Programme.

This short film will give you a sense of their passion for sustainable grazing.

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