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Steven Miles MP Qld Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection, visited Cairns to launch the implementation phase of the Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project (MIP) and the Burdekin MIP – renamed Landholders Driving Change. For the next three years we will work with landowners around the Bowen, Broken, Bogie catchment in the Bowen/Collinsville area to deliver actions designed to improve grazing productivity, keep soil on the land, and help protect our waterways and the Great Barrier Reef. Every action to be trialled as part of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Queensland-funded project came from ideas put forward by local graziers during a design stage which started in January this year.

“Graziers played a key role in developing these ideas into the action plan
that will roll out over the next three years.”

“This is a ground-breaking project, and I am very excited by the opportunity of landholders, NQ Dry Tropics, and a host of other important stakeholders working closely together to tackle erosion and improve long-term land management, productivity and water quality,”  Dr Scott Crawford, CEO, NQ Dry Tropics.

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Local cane farmer improves natural areas

Giru cane farmer John Cernusco is partnering with NQ Dry Tropics to plant native vegetation along a lagoon on his property to reduce weeds and restore habitat.NQ Dry Tropics project officer Thijs Krugers is working with Mr Cernusco to plant native vegetation along a 500m stretch of creek bank to curtail weed growth and improve habitat. Lower Burdekin Landcare and Gudjuda Reference Group have joined forces to help with the planting.
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