Community groups in the Burdekin Dry Tropics region will share just over $70,000 to deliver a range of local on-ground environmental projects, under NQ Dry Tropics’ Community Landcare Grants 2015-2016 programme.

NQ Dry Tropics CEO, Dr Scott Crawford, thanked the Australian Government for funding the initiative under its National Landcare Programme, and said that the grants would support local action to address broader environmental issues, including matters of national environmental significance.

“These projects aim to improve significant conservation areas including threatened vegetation communities, and biodiversity hotspots such as waterways and wetlands of national and international significance, and the Great Barrier Reef,” Dr Crawford said.

Nine community groups successfully applied for funding of up to $10,000 to deliver projects across the Townsville and Burdekin local government areas, which will manage just over 100 Ha of weeds, as well as protect and enhance 110 Ha of native vegetation.

For example, Lower Burdekin Landcare will work with a number of project partners, including NQ Dry Tropics, to improve creek bank vegetation, known as riparian vegetation, along Horseshoe Lagoon just north of Ayr.

Once established, this vegetation will act to reduce erosion by stabilising the creek bank, and will also provide shade which lowers water temperatures and helps to maintain healthy oxygen levels in the water. Overall this work will aim to improve water quality and aquatic habitat for fish, both onsite and downstream before reaching the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon.

The Community Landcare Grants are just one way NQ Dry Tropics provides opportunities for community groups to access funding for their own projects.

“Our community groups contain many hard working volunteers who are passionate about protecting our local environment, and they deserve the community’s support,” said Dr Crawford.

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Community groups seeking support to deliver projects that improve our natural land and water resources are encouraged to visit NQ Dry Tropics’ website or contact Kirralee Donovan at NQ Dry Tropics on