Black-Throated Finch Project (CAP)

For landholders in the Coastal Plains and Adjacent Ranges of the Burdekin.

What is the Black-throated Finch Project?

The Black-throated Finch (BTF) Project is an Australian Government funded initiative, through the National Landcare Programme. The BTF Project aims to have viable (increasing) populations of BTF across 10,000 ha of identified habitat by 2030.  BTF perform many important ecological functions, including helping to spread grass seed, vital to maintaining their habitat and native pastures.  

NQ Dry Tropics is an independent not for profit organisation, engaged to deliver and implement the National Landcare Programme for the Burdekin Dry Tropics NRM region.  The BTF Project will assess known habitat areas and work to improve the condition and extent of these areas.

The black-throated finch, Southern subspecies, (Poephila cincta cincta), has suffered a major loss of habitat since European settlement and is found across only a fraction of its former range.  BTF are listed as endangered both nationally (EPBCAct 1999) and in Queensland (NCAct 1992).

How much money is available?

The BTF Project initially has $100,000 available to fund on-ground works on the Coastal Plains and Adjacent Ranges.  This targeted funding will be allocated to support integrated management projects, focussing on priority areas where suitable habitat occurs and BTF are consistently recorded.

What works will be funded?

On-ground works to improve the condition and extent of BTF habitat will be funded on a case-by-case basis.  Established habitat management guidelines and expert recommendations will provide the framework.  Works will typically include:

  •         Weed control;
  •         Improved fire management practices;
  •         Improved grazing management practices;
  •         Revegetation works; and
  •         BTF monitoring.

Works can either be undertaken by you, the landholder, with in-kind support provided by you; or under contract with a community environmental group.

What do I need to do?

The BTF Project team will be in touch with you if you have identified BTF habitat on your property.  They will arrange a suitable time to assess your property and prepare a site-specific action plan to improve BTF habitat.  You will work in consultation with the team to develop an on-ground project and arrange suitable works.

If you know of neighbours who might have BTF on their property and would like to be involved in this important project, please contact us.

When does it finish?

This round of the BTF Project finishes in June 2018.  Some larger projects may be extended as funding allows.

Where can I get more information?

Contact Jaymie Rains on  4724 3544 or

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